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Do you have a question pertaining to chemotherapy drugs, chemotherapy treatment, lab tests and other methods used to select treatment, or about your own chemotherapy?  

With 35 years experience documenting activity of chemotherapy drugs and drug combinations and individualizing treatments for thousands of cancer patients, Dr. Weisenthal has a unique perspective on new and traditional cancer chemotherapy drugs of all classes.



We regret it is not possible for Dr. Weisenthal to answer every question but all questions are read and as many will be answered as is possible.  If your question is not answered immediately, we will save it for possible future publication.

All previously answered questions are archived and are searchable on this website.  If your question is not answered you might find a question similar to yours that was addressed previously by Dr. Weisenthal.  However, similar patient situations often have different aspects and so we encourage you to write to Dr. Weisenthal even if you find a question that appears to resemble your own.  


1.) Dr. Weisenthal's answers are not intended as formal medical advice or as a substitute for it.  In all cases cancer patients should consult their own physicians.

2.) Dr. Weisenthal's observations are based on information you describe to him.  He does not have access to your full medical record.

3.) Dr. Weisenthal’s answers to your questions are not intended to encompass every treatment option that might conceivably apply to your specific clinical situation.  That would not be possible.  

4.)  Above all, please understand that personalized cytometric cancer profiling is always the perferred approach when the goal is to choose effective treatment.  There is no equivalent method to testing your actual living cancer cells in the laboratory for susceptibility to specific chemotherapy drugs.  


  • Board certified medical oncologist
  • Former National Cancer Institute Clinical Associate
  • Internationally recognized as a leading authority in personalized cytometric testing
  • Widely published medical author and cancer researcher
  • Worldwide medical lecturer
  • Expert in all classes of drugs: immunologic, molecularly-targeted, anti-angiogenic, and standard cytotoxic.
  • 35 years experience in personalizing treatments for thousands of cancer patients
  • In depth understanding of the pharmacology and clinical application of the newest anti-cancer agents as well as more traditional chemotherapy drugs and drug combinations

Larry Weisenthal, M.D., Ph.D.