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The number of drugs we are able to test is dependent upon the size and condition of the biopsy specimen we receive.  It is why we communicate with the surgeon or other physician who will be performing the biopsy procedure and also with the pathologist, if one will be involved.

Drug test panels are individually constructed for each patient by Dr. Weisenthal.  Dr. Weisenthal takes into account the patient’s diagnosis, previous treatment history, and other clinical factors. 

Dr. Weisenthal includes within his drug selections the broadest possible range of drugs appropriate for each patient.  This begins by designating all drugs known to have activity in a certain cancer type.  Dr. Weisenthal then uses his skills as an oncologist, his expertise as inventor of the tests and experienced gained from having performed testing for thousands of cancer patents, his pharmacology insight, and his knowledge of the medical literature to expand the test panel to include drugs or drug combinations for which there is rational support for potential patient benefit.  The goal is to afford the patient the greatest opportunity for benefit by not excluding from consideration any reasonable possibility. 

Of course, specific drug requests by the patient's physician are given first priority and clinicians are always invited to discuss drug choices with Dr. Weisenthal in advance of testing. 

If high anti-tumor activity is observed in a lesser-known drug or drug combination, Dr. Weisenthal explores underlying reasons for the activity, both cognitively and through searches of the world’s medical  literature.  In some cases Dr. Weisenthal provides journal reprints in which activity for his recommended therapy was published.  Typically, the reprints include information relating to dosing and administration schedules as well as observed side-effects.